Irene Bellz


Anrico Moody, better known by stage name, Irene Bellz is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, videographer, actor, and A&R for B.M.E. Label, who is best known for being part of hip hop/pop duo "Det Seriez" alongside fellow artist Mike Dingo.


Rico is known throughout East Atlanta, with many ties in the music industry. Rico's southern style was emerged at the early age of 14, when he started his group, K.O.G.

Under the stage name, "Buck", Rico was inspired to start creating songs dedicated to his late cousin, Chris Moody. Shortly after, Rico lost a dear friend, Billy Blaze, in 2013, giving him the name "Irene Bellz". These traumatic losses fueled Rico's artistry into new dimensions of having real, in your face, "no cap", inspirational conversations on the dopest new waves. 

Rico Moody now serves as A&R for Fam-One Music Group/ Benn Music Entertainment, inspiring young artists into a new dimension.